Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pisco Sin Fronteras; Pisco, Peru

The city was very near the epicenter of the 8.0-magnitude earthquake which struck south central Peru on Wednesday August 15, 2007. Media officials reported that 80% of the city was destroyed, including the central San Clemente Cathedral of Pisco, in which a Mass was occurring at the time of the earthquake. As many as 100 deaths were reported within the cathedral. The church in Plaza de Armas was destroyed during the earthquake while mass was in session killing nearly 150 people. [1]

Pisco Sin Fronteras on the job. $120 was donated to buy more power tools and batteries for the organization

$180 dollars was used to buy books, pencils, colour markers, toys, toothbrush&toothpaste, etc for the after school program named Ludotecta. As in emergency situations all around the world, UNICEF recognized the need in these children for the immediate return of normalcy. In that spirit, and with the help of the local community, UNICEF built Ludotecas (or play rooms) designed specifically with fun in mind.

Unfortunately, UNICEF is no longer giving aid to this particular Ludoteca.

Thanks everyone for the support. The kids at Ludoteco really appreciate the new toys,
books and supplies.

For more information on how you can help please contact:

Thanks so much!


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